Vocational Training Programmes:

  •  CROSS has been carrying out vocational Training courses for the unemployed youth, women and the suppressed class people on tailoring. The vocational training course benefit a number of unemployed youth and women to become skilled, employed and self employed. CEEST has been assisting them in employment counseling and placement opportunities in hospitals and paramedical laboratories.

Supportive Educational Programme :

  •  CROSS has been providing free tuition to primary school and secondary school children of its targeted areas. The burden of poor patients is stressed as these centers provide daycare, basic education, and hygiene, education and good environment for children's growth.
  •  CESST has been providing supportive educational services to the failed and drop-out children of our targeted areas

Family Counsiling Centre :

  •  Family counseling center was functioning in Kanyakumari District in 1994. In addition to our target villages this center has its service in the whole Kanyakumari District. Through this center we provided service oriented guidance to solve family dispute neighbours problems etc. Most of the cases were solved within the family without going to police station. But some critical cases dealt with the support of police department and lawyers. We solved 13 cases through this center. Also information were provided on free legal support and guidance.