Cross Education Social Service society was the outcome of a group of social workers committed to social change and development. We felt the need to empower the rural poor people as a precondition for creating a new social order based on equality of opportunity and social justice.

The intention to work as a group on the above cause was conceived in our minds while studying the socio economic conditions of the people in rural areas. The people lacked proper health care and education. The group's mission started with the establishment of a Para Medical Institute in the year 1994 and the organisation was registered as a Trust in the same year. The group consisted of 5 Trustees who formed the Management of the Trust. The organisation started with a narrow target area consisting of 15 villages besides the Nagercoil township. Year after year the organization is gradually and steadily growing in terms of the service rendered and the size of the population coverage.



 To promote medical enlightment in society by training as many in men and women through para medical education.
 To make society identify undetected diseases like AIDS, Tuberculosis, Leprosy etc.. through frequent medical camps.
 To step in and be serviceable to calamity affected people.


Upgradement of the Under-previleged.