Health Care for the Underprivileged

We identified the local sex workers and gave awareness education on the harmful effects.

Blood Donation for the needy

we are working against AIDS/HIV. Anti AIDS programmes were conducted through cultural performances non-formal education, house visit and camps .

Education for the Rural poor

Promotion of herbal medicines, organic manures, social forestry, kitchen gardens are also being carried out in our focused areas.

Awareness Programmes

Diabetic Awareness, Leprosy Eradication Awareness, AIDS Awareness

Counselling For Youth and Students

The burden of poor patients is stressed as these centers provide daycare, basic education, and hygiene, education and good environment for children's growth

Medical Camp For Rural People

In contrast to the earlier programme, there was little study or consultation before the new plan was drawn up.


Diabetic Awareness, Leprosy Eradication Awareness, AIDS Awareness

Micro Credit For Self Help Groups

The process of collective participation and action by the marginalized group help them gain due socio-economic rights.