Objectives of the Organisation :

  •   Community centres in rural areas.
  •  300 beded Hospital in coastal and tribal(SC/ST) area.
  •  To conduct training programmes, camps, seminars, conferences, symposiums, exhibitions, cultural programmes etc. for children, women, farmers, handicapped,unorganised labourers, nurses, teachers, fishermen, petty traders, village artisans, agricultural labourerers, unemployed youth, social workers, scheduled castes and scheduled tribes etc. in order to create a sense of social awareness and social justice.
  •   To educate/impart training to public about health, environment pollution, sanitation, ill effects of dowry, alcoholism, smoking, spurious drugs and social problem etc. through the production and use of slides, strips, documentary films, puppetry,role plays, folk arts, dramas etc. for cultural transformation and for stimulating thought and efforts in developing optimum solutions.
  •  To undertake socio-economic development projects or schemes sponsored by government or private institutions and to implement the same for attaining the objects mentioned in the projects r schemes in a scientific oriented approach.
  •   To engage in emergency relief and welfare programmes for the needy people especially indigent persons like the handicapped, mentally retarded, widows,destitute women, orphans and aged.