Mr. R. Saha Arul Raju

Chairman-Cross Trust

By the grace of God, Cross Trust has been able to accomplish its vision and ministry for thirteen years. The report presented will give you detailed particulars of our achievements during the 17th year, which is our by gone academic year. Cross Trust Paramedical College, during this period has been able to have a record year of training programmes. All the trainees, besides involving themselves in the academic assimilation of the course materials were also involved in Hospital Trainings, Free Medical Camps, Blood Donation Camps, Medical Surveys etc.,

A very special land mark was set by the addition of a separate Paramedical training wing to Cross Trust by the funding project mobilized from Give 2Asia. The institute has been named "KRISTI ANDERSON MEMORICAL PARAMEDICAL INSTITUTE". The 150 trainees in the first batch have completed one year of training and are moving into the second year of training in the month June 2007. These trainees picked up from the Tsunami ravaged areas, have done extensive medical explorations as part of their assignment, in the Tsunami affected areas.

Besides they were permitted by the Leprosy wing of the Govt Hospital in a project of Leprosy Identification. Several cases were Indentification. Several cases were indetified and reported to the Govt Hospital. On the whole the Tsunami Programme is coming up as a grand success and the 150 trainees soon after their completion of the course will definitely bring medical upgradement in the coastal areas .

Apart from this, in the by gone year Cross Trust has involved itself in many social services activities in rural and urban areas.

R. Saha Arul Raju